About Artsybooks


We are two sisters from Cape Town Christel Swart and Judy Smith. We always wanted to start a project together that fulfils us on a deeper level as our corporate careers , something we could love and do with love!

Christel came up with the idea; whilst I was packing up to move to London for 2 years; “ I did not know what to do with all my kids art and could not ship it all with. The Sentimental value attached to most of them was just too much to let any go, so I needed a compact solution. I also realised when sorting the art how much each piece means to me and the kids and I wanted to savour that moment and memory forever”

The idea sparked and with some brain storming and chatting to a few other moms we realised everyone has so many art pieces that they cherish and not enough space to put them all up!

There is also something very special about the acknowledgment for a child when they see the value you as a parent see in what they’ve done. it gives them a sense of great accomplishments.

We have strived to make this process as easy as possible for you, we understand how busy life can be with kids. So leave this to us!

All you have to do is send us your piles of art and await your magical creations to add to that limited edition collection!