Terms and Conditions

1. Artsybooks reserves the right to use your art books for marketing purposes unless otherwise specified by the client when ordering.

2. It may be necessary to remove some items such as tape, stickers, clips, staples, glue, nails, string, or any other fastener to enable us to photograph and scan the artwork. Some artwork may be detached from a background surface that is not part of the actual artwork (such as frames or background paper) at our discretion. The reason for this is to enable us to offer the best image possible. We will not reconnect or refasten any artwork that was necessary to disassemble.

3. Every attempt will be made to reproduce your submitted art but we may reject any piece of art for scanning or photographing for any reason.

4. Please note that the reproduction of any folded or rolled artwork may show creases, folds, rolls, pleats, tucks, lines, grooves, crinkles, wrinkles, scrunches or rumples on the final reproduction. We will do our best to remove as many as possible.

5. Variations in colours and shades may make the reproduction look slightly different from the original, however we will attempt to retouch electronic files of artwork so that the reproduction is as close to the original as possible. In some cases colours will be enhanced to achieve a more vibrant image.

6. Artsybooks cannot offer refunds as our products are made to order.

7. Artsybooks will replace faulty products only if it is evident that they were damaged before arriving at your doorstep.

8. We will take every possible precaution to return the artwork to you in the condition it was received in but we cannot take responsibility for any damage to or loss of artwork.

9. We cannot accept additional artwork. Please ensure that you supply us with all artwork from the start.

10. Pricing is based on pieces of artwork and books may vary in length depending on the nature of the artwork and how we think it will look best. Some images may have their own page while others may be grouped. Sides or pages of cards, workbooks or booklets count as individual pieces of artwork.

11. We cannot completely redesign the layout of a book after the proof is sent. 3 small changes can be made free of charge. Any additional work carried out will be charged at R200 per hour.

12. Work will not begin on a book until we receive payment, all artwork, a completed art submission form and a high res photo of your child (unless you do not wish to include a photo).

13. We will provide you with a design for your book within 1-2 weeks of receiving payment for you to sign off. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the design, you will receive your book within a further 2 weeks.

14. The R290 deposit for a box is non-refundable.